• Used for:
    Covering of round pillars
    Rolling surfaces
  • Key Data:
    Ready to mount plates
  • Size:
    Width from 10 to 58 cm
    Height from 10 to 78 cm (at a 
    max. width of 45 cm)

PILLAR 001 is developed by for turning big concrete pillars to real birch trees or for covering rolling surfaces in an easy way.

Small and handy segment enable one to mount fast and easy. Depending of how it is installed it resembles a birch tree or an interesting patch work..

Big segments, with a height up to 80 cm, are good for tall and broad pillars.
A pillar-covering up to 2,4 m height out of one piece birch bark can be requested individually. Though this one piece is cut in parts with a height of 80cm for an easier mounting.

The flexible mounting plate is handmade by us espeaclly for this use. It give the birch bark enough stability so it does not burst while installation.

Any pillar or rolling surface you will cover will be an eye catcher for sure!
Like a tree as if it grows there

PILLAR 001 is perfect for pillar covering or rolling surfaces.

NOTE! This product is also available with the inner side of the birch bark. Contact us!

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