• Used for:
    Big Foyers
    Tall/Big walls
    As eye-catcher
  • Key Data:
    Upright, transverse or square
    Groove for extraneous tongues
    Edge with a 4mm seem
  • Size:
    Width from 10 to 58 cm
    Heigth from 10 to 78 cm (at a max. width 45 cm)

Brick 002 has a colour based offset with different surface structures of the birch bark. Mounted randomly or orderly aligned they give any room a creative and  noble touch.

The 4mm seem at the edges defines a clear groove what turns the whole picture into a brick wall look made of vegetable material.

The mounting of the segments is supported by extraneous tongues.The grooves depends on the design – upright, transverse or square – can be shifted individually to each other. This gives one flexibility in design and covering of surfaces.

BRICK 002 is ideal for big foyers, tall walls or as eye catcher on big plain walls.

NOTE! This product is also available with the inner side of the birch bark. Contact us!

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