Birkenleder – In German language this word is a synonym for the regenerating “skin” of the beautiful birch. A symbol for tradition, old craftsmanship and pure nature. These features piqued our interest to work with this material.

Birkenleder – This project is a part of me since 2008, accompanied me during the time of my carpenter’s apprenticeship and my interior designer studies. On a self-taught way and complemented by my gained knowledge about modern techniques the project matured to the result you can see on this website.

Birkenleder – The team, initially me and my husband, was complemented by my father and my mother, who also worked the whole life with wood. With pleasure we present now our modern solutions for offices, Spa, hotels or for its own home. According the slogan “Nature is the best artist” we choose for your project only the nicest and vivid birch bark surfaces. We combine them with other natural materials and create together with you the best solution for your undertaking.


11 Years
over 600
Segments p.a.
more than 100