This makes Birkenleder so special

Since the start of our project we as Birkenleder-Team built up a broad knowledge base. We have learnt to handle birch bark and wood working in a professional way.

Birch bark is not a common surface to us. It is a material which we know in such a detail that we can feel and handle each slice of it. 

But not only this… Beside a production with 100% sun powered electricity (80% produced by ourselves), we insist on a mild harvest and a fair pay of the workers. This we ensure via our partners (which accompany us from the beginning and now are also our friends) in the countries where we buy the birch bark. 

Our long experience with the birch bark, no matter whether the outer white side for modern solutions or the robust inner side with its antiseptical effects – e.g. used for coffee canisters production – guarantees you a professional and extended advise from our side.

With our products you are not only getting a piece of nature, but also the best quality on the market!

As a family business we personally stand for quality, clean realisation and a selection of best quality.

Enjoy our catalugue and be inspired!