• Used for:
    Broad walls
    Long Corridors
    As eye catcher
  • Key data:
    Ready to mount segment
    Vertical edge pre-mortised
    Horizontal edge grooved
  • Size:
    Width from 10 to 58 cm
    Height from 10 to 78 cm (at a max. width of 45 cm)

The mortised dovetail conceals the vertical edge of the birch bark plate. This has the effect that the human eye do not see the vertical edge at first sight. So you can extend the the covering endlessly in sticking the dovetails together. Also in the height you can stick together without limits. The horizontal edge is plain as this line is hard to see by the human eye in principle, given that during mounting similar surfaces are matched to each other.

A groove and extraneous tongues ease the mounting and give stability.

ZICKZACK 001 is perfect for long corridors and broad walls. Or as an eye catcher in principle. 

NOTE! This product is also available with the inner side of the birch bark. Contact us!

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