• Used for:
    Big Foyers
    Tall/Big walls
    As eye-catcher
  • Key Data:
    Upright, transverse or square
    Groove for extraneous tongues
    Edge with a 45° heel
  • Size:
    Width from 10 to 58 cm
    Heigth from 10 to 78 cm (at a max. width 45 cm)

This kind of design forsees a willful combination of the panels with slightly different structures of the birch bark surfcace.

To underline the individuality of each plate and to loosen up the whole picture the edge have a heel.

The mounting of the panels is done with extraneous tongues. Depending which style is chosen – upright, transverse or square, the seems can be shifted towards each other. This enables one to have maxmimum flexibilty in ones creativity and covering of surfaces.

BRICK 001 is perfect for big foyers, tall walls or as eye catcher on big plain walls.

NOTE! This product is also available with the inner side of the birch bark. Contact us!

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